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Delta Airlines and Pet Startup Company Join Forces to Make Air Travel More Pet-Friendly

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Pets and planes have not had a good year. Fortunately, Delta Airlines and CarePod are teaming up to take flight on a pet-friendly future for air travel. This is a bold and encouraging step for the airline, as the partnership is not without company changes.

Delta Airline announced the partnership on Tuesday, October 2. In addition, the airline revealed its plan to change its policy and prices concerning passengers flying with pets. Now, instead of being charged for kennel size, owners will be charged according to weight. This is to help pinpoint the specific needs of the pet and their owner.

CarePod, the startup company that is partnering with Delta is a little more forthcoming. The Singapore-based startup offers tracking, logistics, and monitoring software for pets. Transporting pets is always a harrowing experience, especially when air travel is involved. However, CarePod claims the partnership with Delta Airlines will help to lighten the burden. The startup’s technology will provide pet owners with real-time updates and alerts. Plus, the technology will help Delta Airlines monitor the overall pet and owner experience.

All this is supposed to make what Delta described as launching “a new pet transportation strategy”. Although other specifics on the policy, price, and partnership is still not clear, it is proposed to revolutionize current procedures. Pet owners thus far seem to be pleased with the announcements. Hopefully, the partnership will be as remarkable as the airline and startup claim.

After all, following the tragic death of pets that were checked into the airline, Delta Airlines lost credibility. People became afraid to fly with their pets. Now, the airline must earn the trust of their pet-owner flyers back. If the ideas they are implementing work, it is what Jenny Pan, CarePod's founder, and CEO, described as an "exciting step."

In summation, Delta Airlines claims to always look for ways to help the pet and owner have a better flight. These changes, along with the partnership seem to be planting the seeds to grow a new era of pet travel. The collective hope is that these seeds grow into a safer, more accepted and comfortable environment for all passengers; furry and otherwise.


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