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Fuzzy Pet Health Connect Allows Pet Owners to Text, Send Pics & Videos in Real Time

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We all knew that it was just a matter of time before pet health services made it into the online digital world.

Now, with $6m in new funding, Sweden’s FirstVet will offer remote video consultations and advice for pet owners concerned that their 4-legged companion is on their way to taking a the longest NAP every!

The startup launched back in 2016 and now has 60k registered users in its home market.

Wait a minute though, they already have competition. Fuzzy Pet Health, a subscription based vet care service that offers in-home vet visits to subscribers in the bay area, is playing the game.

Their new product, Fuzzy Pet Health Connect, will allow pet owners to text, send pictures and videos to a vet at any time of the day to receive real-time medical advice — at just $10 a month.

This is great, right? All pet owners know that pet's are crazy expensive! Did you know that the first-year cost of any pet ownership generally exceeds $1k — not including emergency vet trips.

FirstVet’s founder, the price point for their service is about 30-40% of the starting fee for a physical vet visit in their market, which, along with Fuzzy Pet, means the market is ripe for disruption.


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